What We Believe

We believe that there is one God and His name is Jesus. He was born of a virgin, crucified and died for man’s sin, and was resurrected from the dead.

The Bible is God’s perfect Word to all mankind.

God is manifested as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the person of Jesus Christ.

There is no salvation outside of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ lives in each individual of His church, by the infilling of His Spirit.

Jesus Christ created everything in heaven and earth.

All humans, regardless of culture, religion, or ethnicity are born with a sin nature and must be born again.

God has allowed human beings a choice to accept or deny Him.

Through God’s grace we are given revelation of His salvation.

Faith in Jesus Christ is the vehicle through which salvation is accomplished in us.

Faith without works is dead.

Heaven and Hell literally exist.

It is the Church’s divine obligation to teach the gospel to all people everywhere.

Each individual must continually strive to be holy, as God is holy.

The message of Acts 2:38 is still the plan of full salvation, as it was on the first day of the church’s existence.
Jesus Christ is returning to earth again for His church.

*For a complete doctrinal statement with Bible verses click here.